Lenoir, NC House Explosion And Fire, Jan 1930


Lenoir, N.C., Jan. 4. -- (AP) -- Trapped in their blazing home, two members of the family of LIGE PRITCHETT, perished here today and another was severely burned. Two others, both children escaped.
The dead are PRITCHETT and his one year old son, JAMES. MRS. PRITCHETT was badly burned when she rushed into the burning living room in an attempt to save her baby.
PRITCHETT lighted a fire in the living room stove this morning and later went back to replenish it. He thought it had gone out and poured oil on the coals from a five gallon can.
An explosion followed and the can was knocked from PRITCHETT'S hand. Oil poured from the can over the floor of the room and soon the house was in flames.
PRITCHETT, his clothing ablaze, ran from the house to summon aid, followed by his two older children, before neighbors could arrive, however, PRITCHETT ran back into the house for his youngest son. He never returned.
Meantime, MRS. PRITCHETT who was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, ran into the living room to rescue her baby. It was dead when she found it. She had the body in her arms when neighbors dragged her from the building.
Funeral arrangements had not been announced this afternoon. MRS. PRITCHETT is in a critical condition but physicians believe she will live.
A nearby house, occupied by a family of four, was also burned, but the occupants escaped.

Kingsport Times Tennessee 1930-01-05