Camp Lejeune, NC Helicopter Crash, Nov 1984



Camp Lejeune, N.C. (AP) -- It will take four to six months to determine what caused on on the Marines' newest and largest helicopters to burst into flames and crash, killing six servicemen and injuring 11 others, including two from Pennsylvania, a Marine spokesman said.
Capt. Dave Winston, aviation safety officer for Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 464, said it would take four to six months to determine what caused the fire and crash of the CH-53E Super Stallion Monday afternoon.
Seventeen soldiers were aboard the huge helicopter when it caught fire and hit the ground Monday afternoon while lifting a heavy artilery piece, a 155mm howitzer.
Rescuers found three of the dead Monday and the other three Tuesday morning, said Capt. Norma Stewart of New River Air Station.
The burned and mangled wreckage was surrounded by guards Tuesday. The helicopter was broken in two, with the rear section twisted and one engine lying on the ground. The rotors were snapped off.
Bits of burned debris were scattered around the flat landing zone, and the howitzer the helicopter was lifting sat upright, but tilted.
Camp Lejeune spokesman Capt. Craig Fisher said some of the 11 injured suffered bruised internal organs, but "most are fractured bones, arms and legs. People are in serious condition, but the prognosis is good."
Five of the six dead were identified as:
BRIAN R. JONES, 32, of Harlan, Iowa.
Lance Cpl. SCOTT A. McENEANY, 23, of Fairport, N.Y.
Pfc. KEVIN J. KAISER, 19, of Kenmore, N.Y.
Cpl. RICKY C. WILLIAMS, 23, of Sumter, S.C.
Lance Cpl. DAVID D. WELLS, 22, of Salem, Ind.
Fisher later said WILLIAMS and WELLS were listed as presumed dead because no positive identification had been made.
JONES was identified as the helicopter pilot and McENEANY as a member of the flight crew. The others were members of B Battery, 1st Battaliion, 10th Marine Regiment.
The injured Marines were taken to the U.S. Naval Hospital on base, Lt. S. B. Jack said.

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14 oct 1984

dudes hit me up, My name is Ollie Nelson. I was with Bravo battry also. I still haver nightmare dealing with this and i miss my friend dearly, Sgt. tohill. TO ALL THOSE THAT PERRISHED, GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTENED! HIT ME UP GUYS 571-264-5380, OUT SIDE QUANTICO, VA

CH 53 Crash Nov 19 1984

I was in Romeo 5/10 and remember the crash. My friend Cpl Ricky Cortez Williams from Sumpter, SC had just got married and transferred to Bravo 1/10. He died in the crash that day..... I heard about the crash as a few survivors was sent to my Squadbay on N Street to spend the night. I had and ankle in a cast, and by unit was on Ops @ Fort Bragg at the time. One of the survivors a White Marine with a hurt foot ot leg, told me Cpl. Williams a Black Marine tried to help cut out the pilot, and was killed by an explosion and fire. He told me the only remains found on site were some of his teeth. Can any of the survivors give me any accounts of Cpl. Ricky C Williams actions that day? All help is greatly appreciated.

Chris Carroll
Ops Mgr Cary Oil
Former Romeo 5/10

Cpl Williams

Semper Fi
I was in R 5/10 and some of the survivors came to our barracks to sleep. I was told Cpl. Williams, but I thought was promoted to Sgt. was trying to cut the pilot out and was killed in the explosion and fire. Can you tell me what happened to Cpl. Ricky Williams? He was a skinny black marine? He was in R 5/10 and had just transferred to Bravo 1/10. He had just gotten married, as I let him borrow my car to go home and get married. Please let me know of his actions that day.

Chris Carroll
Ops Mgr Cary Oil
Cary NC

Crash Corp Ricky C Williams Killed

My name is Chris Carroll, former Romeo 5/10. Cpl. Williams killed in the crash that day was a friend of mine, as he was formerly a member of Romeo 5/10. A few months before the crash, Cpl. Williams had gotten married, he was from Sumpter, SC, in fact I let him borrow my car to go home and marry his high-school sweetheart. I understood he transferred to Bravo as there may have been an opportunity for Sgt. with more pay, and being newly married, he needed the money. The day of the crash, some of the injured came to our barracks to sleep on N Street. I got into a conversation with a young light green Marine, forget his name, but he was in the crash. He mentioned that Cpl. Williams tried to cut the pilot out with a knife, but both were consumed in the explosion and fire. It was said all they found of Williams was some of his teeth.

Since then, I graduated from NCWC as an historian, and currently a Division Mgr. with Cary Oil Co., here in NC.

I just wonder if anyone had any information on Cpl. Williams actions that day? If so please share.

Williams was a 23 years old Dark Green Marine, small moustache from SC.

Semper Fi
Chris Carroll

lt weber no one blames you

lt weber no one blames you or capt jones for that day I can vouch for all of us it was all of our asses that was on that chopper that day .you did what any competent pilot could have.....semper fi brother me I mean it have always wanted to get together with the whole crew for a much needed reunion ..l/cpl stiham 330-234-3012 anyone who wants to call me please do so it has been too I drink to my lost will remain my brothers forever..heres to you

Often think of you guys

I was a crew chief in one of the other 53e in that formation, I often think of you guys and. I hope all that survived are doing well today, and I often pray for the 6 we lost.

Semper Fi

George Michalko

usmc Brother

morales phone # sir.754 242 3813.thank you sir for keeping our story alive.SEMPER FI

how easy they forget the name of our brothers....not us

I was just reading the names and SGT.TOHILLs not being mention in this report.In the past I did see it.Know is kind of swept under the rug. did you know that SGT.GOLDEN was one of the brothers I pull out of the chopper I went back and SGT.TOHILL was trying to release the pilot with his pocket knife .he did not know the pilot was dead.Later 2 days after the crash we went to see the Boys in the Hospital.The first person we went to see was the co pilot,to ask him why He left His pilot in the chopper.He told US the pilot was dead.I could not believe SGT.TOHILL died trying to save our name is Norberto morales E3 BRONX,NEW YORK.I missed my Boys.SEMPER FI

i was in the crash

hey guys good to see you all on here. my first time on here. been looking for you chico for a long time. call me 330-567-2506

chico morales

chico where the hell are you get ahold of me 330 234 3012 and to the rest of you guys call me no idea where most of you are