Hertford, NC Factory Boiler Explodes, Jan 1934


Hertford, N.C., Jan. 13 (AP) -- Explosion of a boiler in the Eastern Cotton Oil Company's plant here today killed six men, injured seven others and caused damage estimated by company officials at $100,000.
Trapped beneath bricks and timbers of the wrecked plant, the victims who were not killed outright were scalded to death as steam and boiling water coursed through the debris.
The explosion itself shook Hertford, a town of 2,000 population, bricks were hurled 200 yards and debris rained on nearby houses.
J. C. WILDER, plant engineer, and five negroes, SALLISTER WILSON, JOHN WRIGHT, McKINLEY FOREHAND, GEORGE BROADY, JR., and OSCAR EASON, were those killed.
The injured, all negroes, were not seriously hurt.
Company officials advanced the theories that the explosion was caused by a bursting pipe in the boiler or by cold water being turned into the heated boiler.
Twenty-five workmen were in the plant at the time of the explosion.

Sandusky Register Ohio 1934-01-14