Fayetteville, NC Fort Bragg Shell Explosion, May 1922


Three Enlisted Men Killed at Camp Brigg[sic], North Carolina.

FEYETTEVILLE [sic], N. C., May 25.---A board of officers have been appointed by Brigadier-General A. J. Bowley, commanding officer at Camp Bragg, to institute a thoro [sic] inquiry into the death today of three enlisted men and the wounding of three men and an officer as a result of the accidental explosion of a shrapnel projectile during artillery practice. Preliminary examination of the gun which figured in the accident and details given by surviving members of the crew, led to the belief that the shell was defective, and falling far short of its attempted target, struck a tree and rebounded into the second gun squad which was some distance away.

The Nebraska State Journal, Lincoln, NE 26 May 1922