Red Springs, NC Auto and Pickup Wreck, July 1976


Red Springs - Three people were killed in a violent headon collision involving a pickup truck and an automobile six miles east of here on N.C. 211 around 11:30 a.m. Monday.
Killed instantly in the mishap were:
MINNIE STRICKLAND DREW, 41, of Rt. 5, Darlington, S.C.
PAULINE S. STRICKLAND, 55, of Rt. 1, Cerro Gordo.
and BLEASE STRICKLAND, 59, of Rt. 1, Cerro Gordo.
All three killed in the collision were occupants of the automobile involved in the crash.
Listed as injured in the accident was the driver of the truck who was identified as MAURICE WAYNE BRITT, 22, of 320 West 15th Street, Lumberton.
BRITT was listed in satisfactory condition at Southeastern General Hospital Tuesday morning and a hospital spokesman said that he
"had a good night and is resting well."
According to the report filed by Trooper R. H. Newton of the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, BRITT was operating a truck for Lowe's of Lumberton that was traveling west on N.C. 211 when the automobile veered across the centerline and struck the vehicle BRITT was operating headon.
An eyewitness to the accident said that the truck was traveling at about 55 m.p.h. and that the car abruptly moved into the truck's lane of travel and hit the vehicle headon.
Trooper Newton said in his report that BRITT told him he was heading towards Red Springs and that suddenly all he could see was a green car coming at him, just seconds before impact.
The automobile, which was being driven by MRS. DREW, was demolished.
The truck was listed as a total loss also.
Members of the Red Springs Rescue Squad and Robeson County ambulance personnel were summoned to extricate the bodies of the victims from the twisted wreckage. It took some 45 minutes to remove the victims from the smash-up and to clear the scene.

Robesonian Lumberton North Carolina 1976-07-27