Rocky Mount, NC Church Bus and Car Accident, Nov 1975


Rocky Mount, N.C. (AP) - Two young men were killed Tuesday when their car collided headon with a church school bus from Sharpsburg, authorities said. The accident occurred on N.C. 43 about one mile west of here.
Trooper R. J. Melton said none of the 15 pupils on the bus from the N.E.W. Christian Academy were seriously injured. All were treated and released at Nash General Hospital.
Killed were:
and JOSHUA FITZGERALD WILLIAMS, 18, both Rt. 3, Whitakers.
Melton said the car, which burst into flames, apparently pulled into the left lane to pass and skidded sideways into the front of the bus. The car did not explode from the fire, and authorities said the men apparently died from injuries received in the collision rather than the fire.
Bus driver PAUL BULLUCK, 17, of Rocky Mount said the impact threw most of the students, many of which were elementary school pupils, to the floor or against the seats, and one was thrown against the gearshift stick.
BULLUCK said he looked up and saw the car, skidding sideways, was almost on top of him. "The only thing I could do is slam on the brakes and turn the bus to the side of the road."
He said the left front tire caved-in the passenger side of the car.
A passerby pulled the two men from the back seat of the burning car, BULLUCK said. It was not determined immediately who was driving the car.
Bud McLamb, who was working nearby, said the bus driver rounded up the students in an orderly fashion and had them wait in a field until help arrived.
Bud Rimel, chief of the Stoney Creek Rescue Squad, said BULLUCK did a "fantastic job of getting the children out of the bus, considering the car hit the bus right under the driver's seat."
He said the bus driver definitely saved the children's lives and prevented serious injury.

The Robesonian Lumberton North Carolina 1975-11-19