Lexington, NC Fire, Apr 1904

Fire at Lexington Destroyed Property Valued at $90,000.

Lexington Special, 24th, to the Charlotte Observer.
A fire, which originated in the dry kiln or engine room of the Dixie Furniture Company's factory to -night, destroyed that plant, the electric light plant, four dwelling houses and two cars belonging to the Southern Railway Company. The loss is estimated at $90,000.

The Dixie Furniture Company plant was totally destroyed, with about all the valuable lumber on the yard. Close by was the electric light plant, which soon went up in smoke, with four dwelling houses near by, and two cars of the Southern Railway. With nothing to combat the flames, they burned everything in reach. Fortunately for the town, the wind was favorable. The Lexington Grocery Company's building caught on fire, but was put out. The losses, as best I can get them, are: Dixie Furniture Company, $75,000, insurance $30,000; electric light plant, $8,000, insurance not known. HOLT WALKER, FRANK CLODFELTER, FRANK OSBORNE and JAMES ADDERTON each lost a dwelling, worth, all told, about $3,000. Their household effects were saved.

The Landmark Statesville, North Carolina 1904-04-26