Mt Airy, NC Forest Fires, Apr 1904

Forest Fires in Western North Carolina.

Within the past week forest fires prevailed at many points in this section of the State. Fires at various points are mentioned elsewhere in this paper and the Mt. Airy Leader of last Friday says:

“Forest fires have been raging for three or four days in about four or five miles of the city, which resulted in the loss of much valuable timber, to say nothing of fences and outhouses. Quite a disastrous fire started on the Ward Gap road last Wednesday, first on the farm of TYLER SMITH and also at Pedigo's station. Owing to the high winds this fire has burned over an area of 13 miles long and four or five miles wide in the Slate Mountain section, and is still burning. MR. ED. McBRIDE was perhaps the heaviest loser. He lost two houses, occupied by tenants, one tobacco barn and about 250 cords of wood, besides all the fodder he had, about six stacks. G. M. HATCHER lost between 50 and 75 cords of wood, and J. O. HATCHER had quite a quantity of wood burned.”

Most of the fires start from criminal carelessness and if some of the people who start them could be severely punished it might give the business a check.

The Landmark Statesville, North Carolina 1904-04-26