Asheville, NC Scenery Falls on Actor, Jan 1907

Scenery Falls On Actor.

Mr. Dvorak, Playing Part of “Klinschord,” is Knocked Unconscious by Piece of Scenery-Audience Applauds Enthusiastically.

Special to the Observer.

Asheville, Jan. 28.-When “Parsifal” was presented here Friday night and an accident befell Mr. Dvorak playing the part of “Klinschord” during the third act that came near costing the actor his life. It was during the third act when “Klinschord” was tasting sorrow and when everything was going to ruin. Suddenly-and coming as naturally as though part of the scene-a large piece of scenery fell while “Klinschord” was bending low. The piece of scenery caught the actor across the chest and held him fast. The curtain was rung down and the audience made the house ring with applause. The curtain was rung up and “Klinschord” remained still as death with the scenery still lying across him. Only the forepart of his body was visible. Twice the audience by its applause compelled the ringing up of the curtain. Finally quiet reigned. A few seconds and Dr. Paul Paquin was summoned behind the scenes. The falling of the piece of scenery was an accident and Mr. Dvorak had been rendered unconscious. Dr. Paquin quickly rendered unconscious. Dr. Paquin quickly rendered the necessary medical assistance and the actor was soon revived. The performance was continued uninterrupted and it is doubtful if there was a person in the audience, aside from the physician and those behind the scenes, aware of that which had transpired. “You came pretty near going for keeps that time,” smilingly remarked the physician to the victim of the accident when Mr. Dvorak had been completely restored.

Charlotte Daily Observer, Charlotte, NC 29 Jan 1907