Maxton, NC Fire, Nov 1907


Residence of Mr. McKoy McKinnon Destroyed, as Was the McCormick Boarding House – Other News.

Special to The Observer.

Maxton, Nov. 8. – At 4 o’clock yesterday morning fire was discovered in the residence of Mr. McKoy McKinnon and before the alarm could be given and help reached the scene the whole building was in flames, resulting in the loss of everything except a very few pieces of furniture. The McCormick boarding house, which was on the next lot, the buildings not over thirty feet apart, was soon in flames also and both houses were burned to the ground. Mrs. McCormick saved a good part of her furniture and household effects. The latter had only $500 insurance. Her loss will net about $2,000 or over. Mr. McKinnon had $1,100 insurance, which leaves about $1,500 loss. It was at one time though impossible to save the building on the other side, but by the most desperate efforts this was accomplished. But for this the town would undoubtedly have sustained the heaviest loss in its history. This only emphasizes the great need of an up-to-date water-works system in this town. While the votes coming in this way will be very expensive, yet it is sure to win some over who have heretofore opposed the issuance of bonds. The election will be just one month from now.

Charlotte Daily Observer, Charlotte, NC 9 Nov 1907