Jamestown, ND Two Car Crash Kills Eight, Sep 1968


Jamestown, N.D. (UPI) - Highway patrol officials at Jamestown, report eight youngsters' lives lost in a two-car collision at 12:30 a.m. Sunday. One 16-year-old girl survived the smashup.
The accident drives North Dakota's Labor Day holiday death toll to 14 and the state total this year to 134.
The patrol says the two cars collided in the west bound lane of Interstate 94 near an exit three miles west of Jamestown.
It's not yet known for sure who drove each vehicle.
Listed as killed at the scene are: ROBERT W. HENDRIX, 19, of Cleveland; MIKE M. ERDMAN, 18, Jamestown; EARL D. WILLIAMS, 16, Alfred; MARY LEE GREENSHIELDS, 15, Cleveland; DEBRA BOELKE, 17, Jamestown.
Three youngsters died in a Jamestown hospital. They are BARBARA WOLD, 16, of Jamestown; RONALD G. LINSTAEDT, 19, Cleveland; ANITA GREENSHIELDS, 18, Cleveland.
Surviving, and listed in satisfactory condition at the hospital is IRENE GREENSHIELDS, 16, of Cleveland.
The three GREENSHIELDS girls were sisters.
Patrolmen are not ready to say which car was going in which direction.
The collision's impact tore the engines free from both cars and left the vehicles lying as big chunks of metal on the pavement. Road conditions at the time were excellent.
The patrol says the three GREENSHIELDS girls, HENDRIX, and LINSTADEDT were in one car - the others involved in the other car. It's believed the people of both cars knew each other.

Lead Daily Call South Dakota 1968-09-03