Durbin, ND Train Wreck, Feb 1906


Local freight No. 590 ran into the rear end of extra No. 554 at Durbin during the storm Saturday evening, demolishing a caboose and setting it and three cars of wheat on fire. The engine of train No. 590 was badly damages, but nobody was hurt. The operator at the station kept the wires hot for a few moments which brought the wrecking crew to clear the track. Several trains were delayed on account of the wreck, but the wrecking crew, working from early morning soon cleared the tracks for the passage of trains. Various losses are reported among the train hands, one man complaining of the loss of a $350 diamond ring and another of that of a $50 overcoat.

When the light of the blazing cars shone through the storm, some of the inhabitants feared that the town was in flames, or that a neighboring farm house was burning.

Grand Forks Daily Herald, Grand Forks, ND 7 Feb 1906