Minot, ND Auto - Train Wreck, Dec 1917

Auto And Locomotive In Mixup At Minot

Minot, N. D., Dec. 21.---County Superintendent W. D. Wendt is congratulating himself on a narrow escape from serious injury or possible death, because he missed both yesterday when his auto was struck by a Soo engine on the Central avenue crossing. He was on his way home and a box car on the track, together with the Soo freight depot, made it impossible to see the approaching train until he was within about 23 feet of the track. at this time the headlight flashed into view, and without being able to determine the speed of the approaching train, he killed his engine and threw on the brakes. One brake seems to have caught tighter than the other and the car made a half circle as it slid on the icy street and the rear end was just on the track, the car having reversed its course, when the engine of the train, which was moving at slow speed, struck the car, started the engine and allowed the driver to move from the track. The train stopped about forty feet from the scene of the accident. The auto was on the fireman's side of the cab and was not seen until the pilot was nearly against the car. The car received no injuries more serious than scratches.

Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks, ND 22 Dec 1917