Lakota, ND fires, Aug 1917


Lakota People Aroused by Several Mysterious Blazes.

Lakota, N. D., Aug. 27. - In a fire on the Frich and Murphy farm, 10 miles south of here, which destroyed a large barn, one man, whose name is not known by the owners of the farm, was cremated, another was badly burned, and 35 head of horses were lost.

The unknown man who had been on the farm only half a day, and the injured man, George Gunderson, of Bagley, Minn., rushed into the barn to secure some clothing. Gunderson escaped with bad burns about the neck and arms, but the other man was caught and burned to death. The fire was noticed in the center of the barn about 6 o'clock Friday evening.

An investigation was made to ascertain the origin of the blaze, and the results lead Mr. Frich to believe that it had been set. Employes declare that no one was smoking at the time the fire was discovered.

The barn was valued at over $5,000 and was insured for $1,200. The 35 horses represented a value of nearly $7,000. Other farm material stored in the barn was also destroyed.

Shed is Burned.

On Saturday night a big shed owned by a man named Frazier, who resides at Owatonna, Minn., was destroyed, together with the contents, which included several billiard tables and pool room equipment which was owned by a Mr. Dahl of Doyon, N. D. Fire was also discovered in the Beake Auto company garage but was extinguished before much damage was done. Both fires are believed to have both incendiary.

One week ago an attempt was made to burn the St. Anthony elevator here but an employe of the local power company discovered the blaze and the flames were quenched before they had spread. The fire is believed to have been clearly incendiary, as a window had been kicked in and oil had been poured over inflamable [sic] material to hurry the work of destruction.

Officials can offer no explanation to the outbreak of the many fires but a close watech is now being kept on all suspicious characters. So far there have been no serious labor troubles in this vicinity.

The Grand Forks Herald, Grand Forks, ND 28 Aug 1917