Sambro, NS Steamer DANIEL STEINMANN Wrecked, Apr 1884

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Halifax, April 4. -- The steamer Daniel Steinmann, from Antwerp for this port, is reported to have sunk off Sambro, about twenty miles from this port. She struck during last night. Only nine men are so far reported to have reached land out of 140 on board.

The intelligence so far from the wreck of the steamer Daniel Steinmann is very meager. It is said that the captain and five of the crew are the only persons saved. The ship had 90 passengers and a crew of 34. The passengers to land here were all Germans and 70 of them were for New York. She is supposed to have struck off Sambro last night and shortly after sank. Her mast is now visible from shore. The news did not reach here till this afternoon. Considerable of the cargo was for this point and the balance for New York. The owners have gone to the wreck.

Further Particulars.
New York, April 4. -- At the office of the Consignees, Frinche, Edge & Co., regarding the loss of the steamer Daniel Steinmann, it was learned that they had thus far only received a brief dispatch saying that the Daniel Steinmann had been lost off Sambro and that Captain SCHOONHOVEN and five of the crew had been saved. The officer of the company said he could not imagine how the accident occurred, but thought it probable that it happened during a fog or gale. He said the steamer generally carried only a few cabin passengers, being chiefly engaged in the steerage passenger and freight carriage trade. The cargo would probably reach 2,000 tons, 400 tons for Halifax and the remainder for New York. He considered Capt. SCHOONHOVEN a very careful and painstaking man.

The Steamer's History.
The Daniel Steinmann was built at Antwerp in 1857. She was 177 feet long, 34 feet beam and 25 feet depth of hold. Her gross tonnage was 1,785 tons. She had fine bulkheads and her engines were 183 horse-power. Her name was formerly the Khedive. She has been running in the White Cross Line since 1878. At one time she was considered a very lucky vessel, but during the last two or three years she has been several times disabled.

Cannot Reach The Wreck.
Halifax, April 4. -- The tugs which left here for the scene of the wreck, have returned without being able to reach the neighborhood of the steamer, owing to the rough sea. Another attempt will be made in the morning to reach the wreck if the weather moderates.
The very latest regarding the wrecked steamer Daniel Steinmann, is that of a crew of 39, the captain, five of the crew and three passengers are saved. These are still on Sambro Island, a short distance from the mainland. Owing to the heavy sea prevailing in the neighborhood of the island the survivors are not likely to reach the mainland till noon tomorrow, or until the sea becomes calmer. No particulars can therefore be learned in regard to the disaster at present. The Government steamer Newfield left the city this afternoon for the wreck, but the fog was so dense that it was impossible to reach the fatal spot, the captain considering it not safe to launch the life-boat on account of the rough sea, and imprudent to go nearer than five miles of the wreck because of the density of the fog. Another effort will be made by the Newfield tomorrow to reach the spot where the unfortunate vessel was lost. Three steam tugs endeavored to make their way to the sunken steamer but were compelled to turn back, being unable to get further than Herring Cove.

Another Report.
Three passengers from the steamer Daniel Steinmann were saved with the Captain and five of the crew. Their names have not been ascertained. They are on Sambro Island, the only communication with which is by signals in rough weather. Tonight the weather is thick and rainy and it is uncertain if any further particulars can be had. Reporters will leave here for Sambro by land, but the roads are bad.

Winnipeg Free Press Manitoba Canada 1884-04-05