Newark, OH Train Accident, Apr 1912


Struck By Passenger Train While Walking Along the Right of Way in East Newark.

Enroute to the postoffice to secure a money order for a letter that his mother had given him, MARION WILLIAM DANKMER, aged 10 years, was run down by a Pennsylvania passenger train Monday afternoon at 3:25 o'clock, while walking along the tracks in East Newark between Morris and Arch streets.

The lad was instantly killed, the back of his skull being crushed like and egg shell. His identity was not established definitely until later in the afternoon, after the family had been notified of the accident by the Advocate.

Immediately after the boy was struck, a hurry call was sent for the ambulance of Bazier & Bradley, but the boy was dead before the ambulance crew arrived on the scene. The body was taken to the morgue of the undertakers, where Coroner Wayiarch viewed it before ordering it prepared for burial. A little while after this the identity of the child was established.

After preparing the body for burial it was removed to the home of his father, William Dankmer, at 217 Allston street, in the Helsey addition, where the funeral services will be held.

The boy was born in West, Virginia, Aug. 13, 1902, and he is survived by several brothers and sisters, besides the bereaved parents. The father is employed at the Holophane Manufacturing Company's plant in East Newark.

The funeral services will probably be held Wednesday, but it has not been decided at what hour. The body may be taken back to the former home in Virginia for interment.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 23 Apr 1912