Bradner, OH Hercules Nitro Plant Explosion, Nov 1907


Terrific Explosion Shakes the Ground for 40 Miles Around Bradner, Ohio.


Reported in Sandusky That Most of the Town is in Ruins

One Victim is Blown to Pieces, Not a Shred of His Body Being Found, While Another Roasts to Death.

Sandusky, Ohio, Nov. 12 -- A terrific concussion was felt here today caused by an explosion of nitro-glycerine at Bradner, Ohio, 40 miles from here. It is reported that most of the town of Bradner has been destroyed, but as the wires are down, nothing definite can be ascertained.
The report here is that no one was killed, but that a number of people were injured.

Columbus, Ohio, Nov. 13 -- Two men were killed and three or four injured today in an explosion in the Hercules nitro-glycerine factory, which was demolished, and numerous houses were shattered in the town. The concussion was felt for 60 miles around.
The following were killed:
JOHN W. ASHBURN, an employe.
HARRY BOSTON, the superintendent, was probably injured.
CISCO was blown to pieces, not even a shred of his body being found. WASHBURN died a horrible death, lying screaming on the ground among the debris, burning to death.

The San Antonio Light Texas 1907-11-13


Meh, Grandma and Grandpa

Meh, Grandma and Grandpa survived fine.
Broken windows, and such occured on the side of town facing the plant.
There's a house built on the former nitro plant site, a large tree original to the site and peppered with metal fragments was still extant as of 1989.
Local legend has it that on one of the explosions, the man chipping ice off a half drained collection barrel set off the blast, half his body coming to rest in the tree.
Supposedly the cellar has a strange sweet-ish odor to it still.
Don't truly have confirmation of that, never did get to speak to the owner.

i live in bradner ohio, it

i live in bradner ohio, it is a very small town. A blast that massive would absolutely destroy the town.