Garrettsville, OH train wreck, Jun 1908


CLEVELAND, June 26. - One trainman was killed, one probably fatally hurt and six passengers injured tonight when Erie train No. 19, Pittsburg to Cleveland, left the rails west of Garrettsville, Ohio, at 7:48 o'clock. The dead: Charles Simons, engineer. Probably fatally injured, George Ikey, fireman.

The Duluth News - Tribune, Duluth, MN 27 Jun 1908

All the Spikes From a Rail Had Been Removed on Erie Track

CLEVELAND, O, June 27. - Erie Railway officials, who returned today from the scene of last night's wreck near Garrettsville, reported that the derailment of the train had been caused by train wreckers.

Investigation showed that all of the spikes had been pulled and the splice bars removed from one entire rail. The rail was lying loose on the ties. The tools with which the work had been done were found near the track. The company has placed a number of detectives on the case and has also offered a reward of $500 for the capture of the persons who caused the wreck. The train was one of the fastest on the road, being bound from Pittsburg to Cleveland with 150 passengers. The engineer was killed and a half dozen persons injured.

Two other attempts to wreck Erie passenger trains have been made near the same locality. Last fall, twice in one night, ties were placed on the track about two miles east of Garrettsville. They were discovered by track walkers and removed in time to prevent disastrous wrecks.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 28 Jun 1908