Cleveland, OH Milling Company Fire, Sept 1888


CLEVELAND, Ohio, Sept. 15. - A terrific explosion occurred at the mills of the National Milling Co., on Merwin street, early this morning. The mill took fire and was destroyed, entailing a loss of $150,000, on which there was an insurance of $75,000. There were eighteen men in the mill at the time of the explosion. Once, Peter Geierman, persihed in the flames. Four others, Joe Lanniel, William Strah, Sterling Barber, and John Blake, were seriously burned and injured. Six men escaped without injury. Seven others are missing, and it is thought at least three of them are dead in the ruins.

The following are the names of the killed and injured workmen who were taken out of the mill:

Peter Geiermann, employed in warehouse, unmarried, killed.

Emin Huisgen, miller, 23 years old, unmarried, killed.

William Strah, packer, 20 years old, unmarried, right side of face and hands seriously burned; will recover.

Sterling Barber, roller, 21 years old, unmarried, face and body burned and thigh badly cut.

Joseph Lanniel, 22 years old, face and hands burned.

Frank Luby, assistant miller, cut in skull, face and hands burned.

The Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 16 Sept 1888