Marion, OH Train Accident, Dec 1913


Dudley Williams is a Victim of Accident


Slips While Walking Along Tracks

Wheels Pass Over Right Ankle---The Lad's Screams Attract Attention of Pedestrians and They Hasten to His Assistance---Victim Is Taken to the Marion City Hospital for Surgical Attention.

Dudley Williams, fourteen years of age, son of Mrs. Edward Smith, of No. 817 Wood street, stumbled, while walking between tracks on the Hocking Valley railroad right-of-way near Darius street, at 12:30 o'clock today, and fell under a {a} passing freight train the wheels severing the lad's right foot at the ankle. He was taken to the Marion City hospital in the Postle & Curtis ambulance where Dr. A. and Herman S. Rhu rendered surgical attention.

Williams, who was formerly a Star carrier and is well known throughout the city, was in the company of Carey Overshine, a lad of his own age who resides on Herman street. They were enroute[sic] to the Olney Avenue school building where Williams is a pupil in the seventh grade. Some crushed stone, to be used in ballasting the roadbed had been roughly scattered between the tracks and while walking over it Williams lost his footing.

Stands Ordeal Well.

The lad's screams brought pedestrians to his assitance[sic]. All temporary aid possible was given. The boy's step-father, Edward Smith, employed in the erecting room of the Marion Steam Shovel company's plant, was summoned from his work and joined the injured boy at the hospital.

Williams displayed unusual nerve following the accident. He called those who gathered about him by name and although yet of tender years, did not shed a tear during the entire ordeal.

The Marion Daily Star, Marion, OH 17 Dec 1913