Convoy, OH Train Wreck, Mar 1910


Crash of Interurbans Kills Two and Injures Two in Ohio Electric Line


Forgets Orders Regarding Meeting Point, According to Report of Coroner.

Ft. Wayne, Ind., March 27, -- (Special) – Two men were killed, two painfully hurt and a house burned to the ground in a headon interurban collision between an express car and a passenger car on the Ohio Electric line on the outskirts of Convoy, O., a short distance from here, at 6:45 o’clock this morning. Both cars were destroyed by the flames.

The dead:
J. R. McFARLAND of Lima, O., motorman.
EARL ROTHROCK of Cincinnati, O., expressman.
The injured:
Oscar Stewart of Van Wert, O., motorman on the passenger car, badly bruised and cut about head and shoulders.
James Risk of Lima, O., assistant expressman, left leg broken in two places.

The wreckage caught fire, both cars with their contents being destroyed. Nine passengers on the passenger car escaped with only slight bruises, although the car, which was going at a high rate of speed, telescoped the express car half of its length.
The fire started several nearby structures blazing, but the flames in most of these buildings were extinguished by the fire department. However, the frame residence of Mrs. Rebecca Sprolle, valued at $2,500, was destroyed. Bert Walden, the tenant of the building, lost all his furniture. There was $300 insurance on the building.

The accident apparently was caused by Stewart overrunning his orders. He was directed to stop at a crossing on the east side of Convoy and there wait for the express car. Instead of doing this he continued through the town at a high rate of speed, according to statements of officials.

Near the spot where the accident occurred there is a sharp curve with high banks, cutting off all view of the track ahead. This spot is about forty rods west of Convoy and there are numerous houses on the banks above the road.

Stewart went around this curve at high speed and just at the end of it the two cars met. After the accident, when questioned by the coroner regarding his participation in it, Stewart declared that he did not know where he was supposed to pass the express car.
Stewart himself only escaped serious injury by running back into his car when he saw that the crash was coming. As it was he was badly cut. Together with Risk, he was taken to the hospital at Lima, O., where his injuries were dressed.

Roththrock, [sic] who is married and has two children, was caught beneath the wreckage and could not be moved before the flames touched him. He was badly burned, both legs and one arm being consumed and the remainder of the body charred.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 28 Mar 1910