Yellow Springs, OH Private Plane Crash, July 1959


Funeral arrangements were being made today in East Patchogue, L. I., for the nephew of a Bennington man, killed in the crash of a private plane near Yellow Springs, Ohio.
RALPH F. MILES, JR., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miles of East Patchogue and a nephew of Walker Miles of 201 Weeks St., was one of four young men who died in the crash of the plane.
The 26-year-old man had piloted the plane carrying the four men, all employed by the National Cash Register Co. of Dayton, Ohio, to their homes in the east for the July Fourth weekend.
Other victims of the crash included PAUL J. BOLLIGER, 25, of Troy, N.Y., a native of Springfield, Vt.; ROBERT T. BURNS, 23, of Albany; and ROBERT C. FULLER, 26, of Moravia, N.Y.
The four men had rented the light plane for the trip east and had left the Albany, N.Y., airport Sunday afternoon on their return to company training school in Dayton.
They would have completed their study course in another two weeks.
Eye-witnesses said the crash occurred about 15 miles from Dayton as MILES was apparently trying to make an emergency landing. The plane glided over a bean plant and crashed in a field about 500 feet away.
There was no engine sound as the four-place plane crashed. A light fog obscured a slight ground rise which the plane hit and then flipped over.
MILES was killed instantly, while BOLLIGER died as rescuers helped him undo his seat belt. BURNS died at 4:35 a.m. in a nearby hospital and FULLER died at 11:15 a.m. without regaining consciousness.
The pilot, acknowledged as a careful flier, was not married, and is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Miles.
BOLLIGER was a father-to-be and leaves his wife, a four-year-old daughter, his parents, three sisters and a brother.
BURNS was also a father-to-be and leaves his wife. FULLER was not married.

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Does anyone have any

Does anyone have any photographs or further information concerning this crash? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...