Cleveland, OH Street Car Fire, Nov 1941

Blazing Streetcar Runs Uncontrolled, Ten Persons Hurt

Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 6 (AP).-Ten panic-stricken persons were injured Wednesday and fourteen others were shaken while jumping or attempting to escape from a blazing streetcar that ran wild for four blocks.

Piecing together accounts from passengers and witnesses, police told this story:

An explosion in the motorman’s cab spread fire through the car and fear among the passengers.

Three passengers dived through windows, but Motorman Oliver C. Jollie, 48, and Conductor Frederick Zuber, 56, held back others attempting to escape similarly.

Forced from the controls by the explosion, Jollie was blocked by flames from reaching the brakes. Zuber pulled the trolley from its wire to disconnect the power, and the car coasted to a halt.

Rain evidently seeped into the car’s control box, causing a short circuit and the explosion.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 7 Nov 1941