Cleveland, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1901


Disastrous Collision on the Lake Shore Railroad in Ohio.

Two Persons Killed and a Number of Others Seriously Injured – The Tracks Blocked.

Cleveland, O., July 9. – A special to the Leader from Nottingham, O., says:
One of the worst wrecks on the Lake Shore Railroad in years occurred at 2:30 o’clock this morning in the center of this village, ten miles east of Cleveland. The southwestern limited on the Big Four from St. Louis, Cincinnati and other western cities, and which goes into the Lake Shore tracks at Cleveland, was ditches through collision with a portion of a freight train. Just what caused the wreck is not definitely known, but it is thought a part of a freight train that had broken in two had rolled onto the passenger track. No passengers were hurt. The dead are:
FRANK ANDERSON, engineer of the passenger train, of Buffalo.
O. G. McCULLEN, of Cincinnati, mail clerk.

The injured:
William Elliott of Buffalo, fireman of passenger train; probably will die.
W. M. Baker, of Columbus, mail clerk, injured on head and body, not serious.
D. F. Loveless, of Cincinnati, mail clerk, slight.
Two unknown tramps were badly hurt.

The shock to the passenger coaches was terrific and although the occupants were badly shaken up, no passengers were hurt.

When the front end of the engine plowed into the ground of the gully, it became disconnected from the coaches that went over the embankment and swirled sideways, so that it pointed in the other direction. The mail car crashed into the tender, surrounding it completely. The engineer met his death by being pinioned under his engine. McCullen, the mail clerk was crushed between the side of the car and the coal tender. He was found with his hear forced down between his knees. Two mail clerks, when they awoke to their condition, were able to extricate themselves from the wreck without assistance. At least one person is believed to be buried under the wreck. Two Nottingham doctors responded to the call for assistance. The roadbed and the two tracks were torn up for quite a distance, and the embankment will have to be repaired before the track can be relaid. The Lake Shore track is blocked east, and all trains are being sent over the Nickel Plate. The passengers of the wrecked train were taken to Cleveland over the Nickel Plate, and wrecking trains are at work on the Lake Short.

The Injured at Cleveland.

Cleveland, O., July 9. – Five of the men injured in the collision were brought to the Cleveland General Hospital early today. One man, whose name is unknown, list at the hospital unconscious. His condition is critical. Johnson, of Buffalo, and A. Hirtz, of this city, sustained serious injuries, but will recover.

The two tramps who were riding on the freight train are also at the hospital. They sustained broken collar bones and are not seriously injured.

Times Picayune, New Orleans, LA 10 Jul 1901