Akron, OH Street Car Collision, May 1901



Akron, O., May 7. -- Two Northern Ohio traction cars collided at the foot of a steep hill on North Howard Street last evening and a dozen people were injured. Two cars were loaded with passengers and were traveling close together.
For some reason the brakes on the second car failed to work and it dashed down the hill at a terrific speed, striking the forward car, which had stopped to take on more passengers. Strange to say, none on the second car was injured except the motorman, SCOTT, who sustained serious internal injuries. The rear platform of the forward car was crowded and all on the platform were more or less injured.
The more seriously hurt are:
JOHN RAUSCH, of Denison, leg crushed, amputation necessary.
GEO. AUTHENHEITH, of Cuyahoga Falls, foot crushed.
JOHN HOBACHT, of Akron, injured about hip.
WM. T. SAWYER, of Akron, O., injured internally.
A. B. SCOTT, motorman, of Akron, injured internally.
JAMES MITCHELL, of Akron, both legs broken.
It is not believed that any of the passengers on the forward car escaped without injury of some kind. Many of them went to their homes in private conveyances and on the electric cars, and their names could not be obtained. It is claimed the city officials had warned the company that cars were allowed to run too fast down the hill. A thorough investigation of the accident will be made.

Hawarden Independent Iowa 1901-05-09