Bowling Green, OH Wagon Explosion, Aug 1901



Bowling Green, O., Aug. 6. -- Eight hundred pounds of nitroglycerin, on a stock wagon, exploded on the Munn Road near this city yesterday afternoon and blew the driver, the team and wagon to atoms. The accident occurred where the road crosses the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Railroad, and an approaching passenger train narrowly escaped disaster.
The driver was WILL RADABAUGH of the Hercules Torpedo Company, and he was taking the glycerin to a magazine. He evidently saw the train approaching and endeavored to cross the track ahead of it, when the reckless gait over the rails probably caused the explosion. Fortunately the train was stopped before it had reached the great hole which the explosion made. The passengers were shaken up, and pieces of wood and iron were hurled against the cars. Traffic was stopped on the road for several hours.
A barn about 200 feet from where the explosion occurred was reduced to kindling wood and set on fire, and a house about 400 feet from the scene of the disaster was riddled and knocked out of all semblance to a building. Doors and windows were smashed and curtains and bedding torn into bits. Iron beds were twisted and not an article of furniture was left whole.

Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette Iowa 1901-08-06