Put In Bay, OH Hotel Victory Fire, Aug 1919

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Sandusky, Aug. 15. -- Thieves carried away furniture, furnishings and personal belongings almost as fast as they were removed from hotel Victory at Put in Bay when a spectacular blaze destroyed the big summer hotel last night with a loss of perhaps a million dollars. This was the declaration of former employes and guests arriving here today on the steamer Arrow from Put in Bay.
Put in Bay authorities have started a searching investigation into the origin of the fire and the many thefts which accompanied the fire.

Sandusky, Aug. 15. -- Fifty guests were driven from their rooms, losing all of their belongings and damage estimated from $500,000 to $1,000,000 was caused last night when the Hotel Victory at Put In Bay burned to the ground.
The structure, one of the most famous hostelries on the lakes, contained 625 rooms in addition to a large dining room, parlors and ball room. The origin of the flames is unknown, the blaze starting in a cupola and enveloping the entire third floor before persons in the hotel were aware that it was on fire. Word was telephoned to the hotel from outside of the fire.
The huge structure burned like tinder and the blaze was visible for miles around the lakes. Crowds gathered at many points to watch the flames shoot high in the sky.
The hotel was built in 1891 at a cost of over a million dollars, but has never been a paying proposition. A Chicago company headed by Charles J. Stoops bought the hotel this spring and had refurnished it. They carried some insurance but Ben Mowrey, manager, was not aware of the amount of the insurance.

The Mansfield News Ohio 1919-08-15


Is your booklet still for

Is your booklet still for sale????

Hotel Victory Fire

I have been trying to find a book or booklet about the hotel fire. Is there a book out there for sale? Thanks for any help.

Hotel Victory Booklet

Hi John,
I am interested in the Hotel Booklet you have. I have seen pictures of your grandfather , Paul Webster, in the Langlois photos. One he is holding a large snake. If you are interested in selling any Put-in-Bay artifacts , please email me at [email protected] look forward to your reply.

Hotel victory booklet

I have the same booklet from 1890, found in my grandmothers (Josephine Webster) keepsake box. My grandfather Paul Webster often spoke of his recollection of the fire. I often picnicked on the ruins of the swimming pool as a child.

Victory Brochure

Hi Duston ....I have never visited PIB,I would be willing to sell this booklet,especially to someone who has such close ties to PIB. The copyright on the booklet is 1890, no pages are missing,it is excellent shape considering that it is 113 years old. It also contains lists of individual purchasers of Victory Park Villa lots,you may find that very interesting. I have been told that copies of this booklet are quite rare,if you are still interested,I will try to find out the value?

Victory Brochure and chair

Are you willing to sell the chair that you have? or the brochure that the other person has? I will pay top dollar... let me know! I am a 5th generation islander and would love to get those back on PIB!

Is the chair still available

Is the chair still available ??

Hotel Victory And Victory Park

How interesting to find this article!! I have an antique booklet from 1890,it is Hotel Victory and Victory Park. The booklet was created to announce the opening of Hotel Victory in 1892!!! It has a beautiful fold out picture of what the hotel would look like upon completion. The booklet is full of photographs from Put In Bay Island at that time,well before the turn of the century. It actually has lists of individual purchasers of lots at Victory Park Villa !!

Chair in Victory Hotel Fire on Put-In-Bay

I would be very interested in this chair. What are you asking for it? Thank you,