Canton, OH Train And Buggy Collision, June 1889


Canton, Ohio, June 12. -- At noon today the west bound limited express on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad ran down a horse and buggy containing LAWRENCE and PETER STREB, brothers, and two boys, brothers, EDWARD and FRANK SEFERT. The two STREBS and one of the boys were instantly killed and their lifeless bodies flung a distance of thirty feet forward at the side of the track.
The heads of all three were crushed beyond recognition and their bodies badly mangled. The other boy suffered like injuries, but lived about half an hour without gaining consciousness. The horse was killed, and with the buggy, was thrown a distance of one hundred feet.
LAWRENCE STREB was a Canton merchant and PETER STREB a wealthy farmer. Both were married, but neither had a son. Recently they decided that each should adopt a boy from the Catholic Orphan Asylum at Louisville. They did so this morning, taking the two SEFERT boys, and were on their way home with their adopted sons when the fatality overtook them.
The place where the accident occurred is a grade crossing in the middle of town. Residents say the train was running at from forty to fifty miles an hour.

New York Times New York 1889-06-13