Hamilton, OH Automobile Accident Sep 1930

Hamilton Daily News, Monday, Sept. 22, 1930
“Family Escapes Instant Death”
“Mother, Daughter Hurt at Middletown-Husband, and Son Uninjured”

MIDDLETOWN, O., Sept. 22.- Four members of a Middletown family had a narrow escape from death, and all were injured severely Sunday when their motor car was demolished by a southbound Big Four passenger train at a crossing one mile north of this city. Ludlow Cole, 45 years old, driver of the car, and his son, Calvin, 9, were thrown clear of the wreckage and suffered injuries from which they are expected to recover, Mrs. Fannie Cole, wife and mother, and Virginia Cole, 14, a daughter, are in a critical condition in a Middletown hospital, where the other two members of the family are confined, and their recovery is in doubt. It is said they suffered internal hurts. The Cole family, whose home is at 2105 Miami avenue, was returning from an afternoon passed at a public park north of Middletown.