Hamilton, OH Auto Accident, Aug 1928

Hamilton Evening Journal, Friday, August 3, 1928
Seven Injured In Crash
Child In Serious Condition

Two men, three women and two girls were injured, one of the girls seriously, at 11:15 o'clock Thursday night when automobiles in which they were riding crashed at Benninghofen and Hooven avenues. The injured were: Jewell Kelly, 14, 1147 Heaton street, fractured skull; cuts about face and shoulder injury; Grace Addison, 14, 434 Mill Road, slightly cut and injured about face and head; Carl Kelly, 23, 1147 Henton street, minor cuts and bruises. The girls were occupants of Kelly's automobile. Mrs. Frances Grote, 306 Washington street, cut above right eye and back injured; Mrs. Charles Richards, Cincinnati, rib fractured and chest injured; Mrs. E1mer Stapf, 306 Washington street, right knee and leg injured; Elmer Stapf, 35, 306 Washington street, slightly cut and bruised. These persons were riding in Stapf's car. Force of the collision overturned the Stapf automobile and pinned occupants beneath it. Kelly's car was not overturned. Carl Schnapp, 449 Miami, street, took Miss Kelly and Mrs. Grote to the Mercy hospital. Mrs. Stapf and Mrs. Richards were taken to the hospital in the police ambulance in charge of Patrolmen Robert Leonard and Gordon Korb.

Hamilton Daily News, August 4, 1928
Little Hope Held For Victim of Auto Collision-6 Others Improve

At noon Saturday, Miss Jewell Kelley, 14, of 1147 Heaten street had been unconscious at Mercy Hospital for 35 hours. Little hope for her recovery is being held out by attending physicians. She suffered a fractured skull and body injuries in an accident at Benninghofen and Hooven avenues at 11 pm Thursday when six other persons were injured in an automobile collision. The two cars were driven by Elmer Stapf, of 306 Washington street and Carl Kelley, of 1147 Heaton street. Two others are reported improving at Mercy Hospital. They are: Mrs. Charles Richards, 55, of Bedley ave. Cincinnati and Mrs. Frances Grote, of 306 Washington street, Hamilton.