Norwalk, OH Tornado, Apr 1890

Another Cyclone.

This One Visits The Northern Part of Ohio.


Thirty Young Women Buried in the Ruins of an Umbrella Factory---One Dead and Others Fatally Injured.

CLEVELAND, O., April 9.---A cyclone struck Norwalk, O., about 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. The storm came from the northwest and swept a track about half a mile wide from the eastern limits of the city quite a long distance in the country. The umbrella factory of Sprague & French, was in the path of the cyclone. A part of the building in which about thirty young women were employed, was crushed like an egg shell.

Many of the girls escaped, but others were caught in the falling building.

DORA PALMER, aged 10, recieved fatal injuries and died in a short time. Her skull was crushed.

Nellie Harding was seriously injured about the head and upper part of the body.

Miss Bush had her collar bone broken and was otherwise injured.

Several other girls whose names can not be learned received injuries.

A dozen barns were blown down and other small buildings were wrecked. Trees were uprooted and fences torn down in all directions. The force of the wind was unprecedented in the section.

At 7 o'clock yesterday evening another terrific storm visited the city, the wind blowing and hailstones as large as hickory nuts falling, smashing windows and demolishing green houses.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 9 Apr 1890


Barns belonging to Col. Sprague, O M Hames John Cooper, John Myers, Charles Ba[ineligible]r, Dr. L. A Severcool, William Perrin, D Z Wick and John Parker were blown down and other small buildings were wrecked Trees were uprooted and fences torn down in every direction.

The Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ 9 Apr 1890


The following persons were injured by last night's cyclone at Norwalk, O.,: DORA M. PALMER, killed, head crushed; Maud Harding, artery in temple severed, other face injuries; Carrie Pettit, cut in the face; Louis Bruitsche, cut in the face and badly bruised about the head; Maggie Elme, cut about the head and face; Rose Lyke, caught by falling timber and bruised about the shoulder and hand cut; Arthur N. Sprague, bruised about body and face cut.

Forty girls were employed in the umbrella factory. The alarm was given of an approaching storm and they tried to escape from the main building, but were not quick enough.

Sandusky Daily Register, Sandusky, OH 10 Apr 1890


CLEVELAND, April 9.---Later reports from Norwalk, Huron county, say that the damage by last night's cyclone will amount to about $75,000. Besides DORA M. PALMER, who was killed in the collapse of the umbrella factory, no other fatalities are reported there.

Reuben Emerson and Miss Conadine, are believed to have received serious internal injuries, however, and may die.

Sandusky Daily Register, Sandusky, OH 10 Apr 1890