East Liverpool, OH Train Wreck, May 1904


Runaway Freight Cars Cause Serious Wreck at East Liverpool

East Liverpool, O., May 26.--Twenty persons were injured, some seriously, in a wreck on the Cleveland and Pittsburg road near here. The wreck was caused by the train running into some freight cars that had broken loose and got onto the track.

The injured are:

Engineer Headley, East Liverpool, bruised
Fireman Williams, Cleveland, crushed in jumping from cab
Conductor H. McKee, Bellaire, bruised
Express Messenger Johnson, Cleveland, bruised
Mrs. J. A. Cotton, colored teacher from North Caroline, bruised
Miss Minnie Wright, Harrisburg, Pa., teeth knocked out
James Costello, Cleveland, cut over eye
Mrs. John Dutach and child, severely bruised
Mrs. Isabella Townsend, Tarentum, Pa., head cut, teeth knocked out, and hand crushed
John Newman, cut on forehead
Frank Miller, Pittsburg, neck sprained, face cut
W. W. Harker, East Liverpool, bruised
Several other persons received less serious injuries. The engineer of the train had just resumed work after two years layoff from injuries received in another wreck.

The Daily Courier, Connellsville, PA 26 May 1904