Cleveland, OH Propane Truck Explosion, Aug 1963


Cleveland (AP) -- A tank truck carrying 50 to 100 gallons of propane gas turned into a bomb that killed two firemen, injured 20 other persons and reduced the Avis Rent-A-Truck So. to rubble.
Firemen were called to the building Tuesday on a report that the truck, inside the building for servicing, was leaking propane gas from a valve.
The firefighters had just entered the evacuated building when one of them spotted a flame. A fire hose had just been turned on the truck, and Lt. EDWIN J. HART, 65, was approaching the vehicle to determine the source of the leak. A number of firemen yelled to get out of the building, but the gas exploded before all doulc get out.
HART, a veteran of 36 years, was killed. Also killed was JOHN T. McKENNA, 26, father of four young children.
Five firemen were among the 20 injured taken to a hospital.
Assistant Fire Chief John Eble estimated damage to the building at $100,000.

Mt. Vernon Register-News Illinois 1963-08-14