Cleveland, OH Printing Office Fire, Jul 1898


Blaze in a Printing Office Causes Loss of Life at Cleveland

CLEVELAND, July 9.---Fire broke out shortly after noon to-day in the five-story brick building occupied by the Britton Printing Company, on Erie street near Vincent. The flames spread so quickly that a number of employes[sic] were shut off from escape by the stairway and elevator and jumped from the windows of third, fourth and fifth floors.

John Arbrandt, of No. 913 Logan avenue, who jumped from the third floor, was almost instantly killed.

John Callahan, a fireman, of No.1 Company, was fatally injured by falling terracotta.

W. E. Potter, who jumped from a window, is believed to be fatally injured.

The building was gutted by the fire. The loss is estimated at $100,000.

Later in the day Chief Dickinson of the fire department, stated that in his opinion there had been no casualties other than those above mentioned.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 10 Jul 1898