Cincinnati, OH Tornado, Mar 1917

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Cincinnati, Ohio, March 11. -- Three persons are known to have lost their lives, four others are probably fatally seriously injured as the result of a tornado which wrecked about 30 houses in the residential district of Hyde Park, in the eastern section of this city tonight.
The known dead are:
MATTHEW McCARTHY, JR., aged 3 years.
OMER GLENN, 81 years old.
MR. NELSON, 45 years old.
Probably fatally injured:
DAISY HOLMES, 47 years old.
EDWARD WALSH, Ottawa, 30 years old.
HARRY SAYRE, 57 years old.
LUKE FINN, 39 years old.
The wind cut into Hyde Park through the suburb of Linwood and wrought damage to Madison Road and Delta Avenue, a distance of a mile and a half.
In its journey across Hyde Park, it leveled house after house, scattering debris in every direction. Grace and Griest Avenues suffered the heaviest, only a few residences being undamaged. The wind reached a velocity estimated at from 65 to 70 miles an hour.
After the storm the body of the McCARTHY boy was found a dozen yards from his home, where he had been blown after the building collapsed.
MATTHEW McCARTHY, and two nephews were injured and removed to a hospital. NELSON was killed when a tree was uprooted and blown across a wagon he was driving on Griest Avenue.
OMER GLENN was found dead on the first floor of his home, 1279 Grace Avenue, having been crushed by falling timbers.
DAISY HOLMES, housekeeper for GLENN, suffered a fractured skull and a crushed chest.
In all six squares felt the full force of the storm. Telephones and telegraph poles, trees and wreckage of houses made the streets almost impassable. To add to the confusion, fire broke out in a number of the wrecked houses making rescue work difficult.
It is believed there may be other persons buried in the ruins, and late tonight police and firemen were still at work searching for possible victims.

Washington Post District of Columbia 1917-03-12