Sharon Township, OH Tornado, Apr 1890



Akron, O., April 10. -- The worst cyclone in the history of this section struck Sharon Township Tuesday night, and mowed a swath twenty rods wide and six miles long directly toward Akron, but arose above the surface far enough to pass harmless over this city. Six miles east of Akron it again struck the earth and thence continued its course southeast for several miles with unabated fury. In Sharon Township the farm buildings, crops and stock of Uriah Woorstler, Richard Brown, Isaac Brown, Frank LaCroix, George W. Crane, Abraham Lytle, Henry Chandler, Chris F. Wall, Reese Wall, Matthew Bramley, Frank Bramley, Frank Hughes and Henry Wall were destroyed in ten minutes.
Immediately after the cyclone passed searching parties were organized. The body of HUGHES FRANKS was found forty rods from the site where his home had stood. MRS. FRANKS was found 120 rods further on so badly injured that she cannot live. MATTHEW BRAMLEY was caught by falling timbers and fatally hurt.
FRANK BRAMLEY'S house was blown from its foundations and he was buried in the wreck, which took fire from the cook stove. A hired man rescued BRAMLEY. The wreck was entirely consumed.
RICHARD BROWN was blown a quarter of a mile and left against a stump, where he was found unconscious and badly hurt.
After passing over Akron, the cyclone struck the farms of Messrs, Sweitzer, Robinson, Herwick, Brown, Wise, Humbaugh, Myers and Callahan, in Springfield Township, destroying buildings, stock, crops, forests, orchards and farms.
At Fred Herwick's the only person severely injured will recover.

Decatur Daily Republican Illinois 1890-04-10