Springfield, OH YMCA & Fountain Square Theatre Fire, Feb 1903


Y. M. C. A. Headquarters and Fountain Square Theatre Destroyed at Springfield, Ohio.

SPRINGFIELD, Ohio, Feb. 19.---An early fire to-day destroyed the new building of the Young Men's Christian Association, the Fountain Square Theatre, and several adjacent buildings, causing a loss of $250,000, with insurance of two-thirds of that sum. The alarm came about 3:30 from the Fountain Square Theater, formerly known as Black's Opera House.

When the firemen reached the place they found flames issuing from the rear of Mitchell's plumbing establishment. They soon reached the second story and then communicated with the theatre.

There was much delay in getting water, and very soon the theatre and the Young Men's Christian Association building---a fine new structure----were hopelessly ablaze.

The falling wall of the theatre crushed a little jewelry store adjoining, and painfully injured the proprietor of the store.

The Young Men's Christian Association building was dedicated a year ago, and cost $90,000. It was insured for $45,000.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Feb 1903