Cleveland, OH Trains Collide in Snowstorm, Dec 1909


Trains Collide in Snowstorm at Cleveland, Ohio.

Party of Vassar Girls Give Temporary Aid to the Injured – None of the Students Were Hurt.

Cleveland, Ohio. -- Five trainmen were killed and another was severely injured when a westbound Lake Shore passenger train collided with a freight train in the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern Railway yards. No passengers were injured.

The dead are:
H. L. COLLINGWOOD, passenger engineer; died at hospital.
JOHN SWAILES, Charlevol, Mich., freight fireman; killed instantly.
JOHN FRANK, Collingwood, switchman; killed instantly.
W. J. BURNS, Cleveland, freight engineer, died at hospital.
C. BASHER, Cleveland, freight trainman; died at hospital.
J. CARRIER, Buffalo, fireman on the passenger engine, was badly scalded.

The collision occurred at 1:55 a. m., within sight of the Union Station. Snow was falling, and it is believed that the red light, which railroad men say was displayed to warn the engineer of the passenger train, was obscured.

While crossing from one track to another the freight train was hit diagonally. The crew of the switch engine was pinned beneath the wreckage. The passenger engine overturned, carrying its crew underneath.

A party of Vassar girls, on their way home, were among the passengers. They at once plunged into the work of giving temporary aid to the injured and reassuring the frightened. Not one of the girls was hurt.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1909-12-24