Collins, OH Tornado, Apr 1890

A dispatch from Collins, O., a few miles from Norwalk, says: A very heavy and serious cyclone passed through this place at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon. Between fifteen and twenty buildings, mostly dwellings, were completely wrecked and several people injured. Mr. Houenoff and daughter were seriously hurt. There is terrible excitement throughout the community.

Newark Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 9 Apr 1890


At Townsend and Collins, Huron county, the storm did more damage than at Norwalk. At Collins Mrs. Hoff and daughter received what are thought to be fatal injuries. Arthur Bly had three ribs broken and his wife an arm shattered. Several members of the Mead family, L. D. Vining and wife and Mrs. Adam Kyle received serious injuries. About twenty houses, two saw mills, a cheese factory and a dozen barns were demolished, trees were blown down and fences destroyed.

The storm continued seven hours and was the worst that ever visited that section.

Sandusky Daily Register, Sandusky, OH 10 Apr 1890



Near Collins Described by Our Own Reporter.

ED. REGISTER:--I have just returned from the afflicted district visited by the cyclone of yesterday, April 8. At 5 o'clock p.m. a cloud looking like a huge black sheet let down from heaven appeared, moving rapidly toward Collins from the northwest, causing consternation in the hearts of those who were watching it. On it came with a maddening roar, lashing to destruction everything in its path! Barns and dwelling houses were unroofed or totally demolished, trees were twisted from their roots in some instances two feet in diameter.

Cyrus Downing's barns are entirely destroyed, some of his valuable stock killed, while his fences lie scattered in every direction.

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