Edgewood, OH Train Wreck, Oct 1893



A Van Wert, Ohio, Man Frightfully Injured.

In an Accident Monday Morning – A Freight Train Ran Into Three Loaded Flat Cars – What Superintendent GIBSON of the Big Four Says.

CINCINNATI, O., Oct. 3. -- At 5:30 Monday morning freight train No. 63 on the Big Four railroad ran into three loaded flat cars at Edgewood. The engine was lifted bodily from its trucks and the tender thrown down a thirty foot embankment. On the front of the first car in the train three tramps from Columbus were riding. They were pinned in the wreckage and two of them boiled to death by escaping steam. The other was fearfully crushed about the head and breast, and was taken from the debris only to die shortly afterward. The track was torn up for about two hundred yards. The wreck train was summoned and the crew began the work of clearing the track. While prying a car off the rails a tie flew up and struck WILLIAM HOBUSCH in the pit of the stomach. It is thought he is fatally injured.

The names of the killed are JOE JORDAN, a chainmaker of Columbus, Ohio: JAMES MURPHY, Columbus, foundryman, and JOSEPH BRANCH. Injured: FRANK BROFFERMAN, Van Wert, Ohio, both legs broken; R. M. HUGHES, operator at Edgwood[sic], leg broken; WILLIAM HOBUSCH, section hand, internally injured. Superintendent GIBSON, of the Big Four, places the blame on the switch engine crew. They had run three loaded cars on the main track and gone back on the siding for more cars, thus trespassing on the fast freight's time.

The Daily Advocate Newark, Ohio 1893-10-03