Fremont, OH Tornado, Apr 1896


Two Persons Killed and Several Badly Injured.

Fremont, O., April 20.-- A tornado, accompanied by a heavy rainfall, swept over the northwestern part of Sandusky county about 3 o'clock this afternoon, killing three persons, injuring a number of others and doing great damage to buildings and other property.

The tornado came from the southwest with great furry [sic] and every building and tree in its path was swept away. After smashing a road bridge and blowing a big tree across a Wheeling and Lake Erie freight train, which crushed the caboose and came near killing a number of trainmen, the wind began to play havoc with farm buildings. The barns of JACOB ENGLER, J. E. HETLLINGER, UPTON BURGON and ANTHONY SWINT first went down before it. Then the house of JAMES GREENE was destroyed. GREENE'S aged father, WILLIAM L. GREENE, was killed outright, his wife fatally hurt and the baby carried across the road in its cradle. The child escaped uninjured. Next the barn of AMES HARICK, in which HARICK and JOHN LOW were shearing sheep, was crushed. LOW was blown across a field against a tree, being instantly killed. Other building destroyed were the barns of AL FAIRCHILD, WILLIAM HENSEL, PERRY PARISH, GEORGE WAGGONER and CHARLES TUCKER. TUCKER'S child was badly hurt.

At Booktown, a hamlet near here, nearly all the buildings were destroyed, but there was no loss of life. The storm covered a wide track and it is possible that further damage will be reported.

Rifle Reveille Colorado 1896-04-24