Cleveland, OH Tornado, May 1893


Loss of Life and Property in a Hurricane.


Number of Others Injured, Some of Whom May Die -- Many Buildings Destroyed and Crops Damaged --

CLEVELAND, May 24. - A terrific windstorm struck this city a 9 o'clock yesterday morning. Four men were instantly killed and many injured in the numerous casualties.

Two men were killed at the Cleveland rollingmills in Newburg during the cyclone. The new steel cupola was blown down and four men who were on the scaffold fell 80 feet. Jake Bavish was killed instantly. An Italian, named Mike, was caught by a steel beam and crushed to death. It required jacks to lift the beam from his body which was horribly crushed. Tommy McGucc had both legs and back broken and will die. Another unknown man was severely injured, but will recover. The steel cupola is a total wreck.

A scaffolding at the New Bradley building, corner of Erie and Superior streets, was blown down and four men were injured: William O'Neill, Miles Johnson, Michael Murphy and Michael Hughes. The injured were taken to a hospital.

Telephone, telegraph, electric light and street railway wires were terribly mixed up. The trolley current was grounded in the public square by a broken guyrope of the electric light masts, causing a pyrotechnic display and blockade of cars.

Another casualty caused by the severity of the storm was the destruction of a 2-story frame house at the corner of Doan and Superior streets. It was blown down and John Cole buried beneath the debris. When taken out the man was in a terrible condition, and death soon followed after intense suffering.

Reports from nearly all the cities and towns in northern and eastern Ohio show that the wind played havoc. Houses were unroofed and trees blown down and wheat injured. No deaths in Columbus. The wind unroofed the dormitory of the state university.

Daily Advocate, Newark, OH 24 May 1893