Findlay, OH Army Bomber Crashes, Nov 1941


Findlay, Ohio, Nov. 1. -- (AP) -- A twin engined army bombing plane, its motors roaring, fell out of mist-filled clouds and exploded in a cornfield today. Five men testing automatic flight equipment were killed.
The ship, out of Patterson Field at Dayton, dropped to the ground at a 45-degree angle on the farm of L. L. Clymer, 10 miles southwest of here.
There was no immediate indication what caused the ship, flying at low altitude in poor weather, to crash.
It was the third major plane wreck in three days. In a 20-hour period Thursday, transport plane crashes killed 14 at Moorehead, Minn., and 20 at St. Thomas, Ont.
Patterson field listed the following personnel aboard the army ship:
First Lieut. T. W. BAFFORD (address unavailable), pilot.
Lieut. GEORGE W. SMITH, of Ashville, N.C., co-pilot.
Sgt. LEE CHAMBERS, Hinsdale, N.Y.
ROBERT J. HEGEMAN, Patterson Field.
JOHN D. SOUTHARD, Springfield, Ohio.

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