Clifton, OH House Fire, Mar 1872


The Griffin Taylor House Destroyed Yesterday Afternoon--Loss About $30,000.

About 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon a fire was discovered in the wash room of the Griffin Taylor house, on Lafayette avenue, at Clifton. The fire spread rapidly, and in little more than an hour the building was in ruins. A shot time after the fire was discovered a large crowd gathered on the ground, who assisting in saving the furniture, which, however, was badly shattered by the indiscreet zeal of parties which leads them on such occasions to carefully lug tin wash-basins downstairs and pitch valuable mirrors out of the garret window.

The carpets, marble mantels, window sash, and inside shutters were saved in a damaged condition.

During the confusion, a number of laborers employed on the road, in the vicinity of the building, broke into the wine cellar, and helped themselves to the liquor, several of them getting drunk.

The house was occupied by the family of Emanuel J. Miller, Esq., son-in-law of the late Griffin Taylor, Mrs. Taylor, who lived with the family, was carefully wrapped up and safely removed to the house of Mr. James Morrison, immediately after the discovery of the fire.

A defective flue is said to have been the cause of the disaster.

The loss on the building and furniture is estimated at $30,000, which is fully covered by insurance. The house was insured in the Equitable, of this city, to the amount of $10,000. Mr. Miller was unable to inform our reporter as to what companies held risks on the furniture.

Mr. Miller announces his intention to rebuild immediately.

Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH 21 Mar 1872