Cleveland, OH Drowned While Bathing in Lake Erie, Sept 1904

oh cleveland drowned while bathing sept 1904


Herman Bromberger, seventeen years of age, who resided at No. 87 Woodland court, was drowned in Lake Erie near Willoughbeach Park yesterday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Bromberger, who was in his bathing suit, secured a boat and rowed out a short distance from the shore before taking the initial plunge into the water. A fisherman on shore saw him stand up in the bow of the boat and dive into the water. He paid no more attention to the swimmer, and some time had elapsed before he again glanced at the boat. It was empty and had drifted some distance from the shore. Becoming alarmed, he reported the case and the life savers were summoned. The dragnet was put out, but up to a late hour last night the body had not been recovered. The life savers will search for the body today.

Cleveland Leader, Cleveland, OH 11 Sept 1904