Cleveland, OH Struck by Motor, May 1898

Struck by a Motor.

Had it not been for the rude action of a horrid, old, Big Consolidated motor Martin Wing of Rhodes avenue would not have been carried to Charity hospital in McGorray’s ambulance last night. There was a sort of ambulance men’s convention on the Superior street viaduct shortly after Wing tried to drive in front of the moving motor in his new spring wagon at about 5:30 p. m.

Pedestrians who saw the accident immediately ran in all directions for the telephone in order to get an ambulance. Their combined efforts succeeded in starting all the business portion of town, as people naturally inferred when they saw the hospital wagons running by in twos and threes that some great calamity had happened.

McGorray’s arrived first, however, to find Wing with his head bruised and his forehead cut above the eye. Wing’s wagon was still good for burning purposes and the horse was all right.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 28 May 1898