Zanesville, OH Boy Scout Campfire Accident, Feb 1929


Glenn Jones, 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Obee W. Jones, of Zanesville, Ohio, former residents of this city, may lose sight of both his eyes as a result of an accident. Glenn, a first class Boy Scout, and several members of Troupe Two were on a hiking trip through the old Stone Quarry near Zanesville where they built a camp fire.

In a game of tag, young Jones tripped and fell face first in the blaze. Before the lad could throw himself from the fire, another boy tried to assist him by grabbing his feet and dragging him through the flames. They were a mile from any residence, and others of the troupe walked the lad the entire distance to his home where he collapsed.

An ambulance was called and he was rushed to the Good Samaritan Hospital, for treatment. He was badly burned about the face and eyes and fears are held for the safety of his sight. The attending physician said several days will extent of injury to the eyes.

The Jones family left here three years ago, when Mr. Jones accepted a position of night foreman at Pierce Buttler and Pierce Radiator Company.

Edwardsville Intelligencer, Edwardsville, IL 9 Feb 1929