Glouster, OH Flood, Mar 1907

Seven Stores Go Into River.

Glouster, Ohio, Mar. 14.---Seven business houses and contents have gone down the river, and a number of residences, gas and light plants are flooded and useless. A planning mill is now on fire. All mines are flooded. Many horses have been drowned. There is great property damage.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 15 Mar 1907


"In Glouster, five-story buildings were carried away. The water was within eighteen inches of the ceilings of the hotels. In one, the guests had to climb out on the roof, and were rescued in boats."

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 16 Mar 1907


Glouster Out of Commission.

GLOUSTER, O., March 19.----This town is practically isolated from the world. It will be several days before railway communications can be restored. The gas mains are broken and cannot be repaired until supplies are secured from the outside. Not a hotel or restaurant in town is able to serve. Hardly a business house escaped the flood and the food supply will soon be exhausted and there is but a limited supply of coal. Half a dozen business houses upon High street were swept away and six or seven upon Water street are sinking. The city pumping station is wrecked and but a small amount of water is in the reservoir.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 16 Mar 1907


Hocking Valley Will Appeal to Governor for Flood Relief.

Columbus, O., March 16.---An appeal has been made to Gov. Harris for state aid to relieve the destitution in the Hocking valley occasioned by the recent floods. A call of help was wired by Mayor Gormley, of Glouster, and in response to a telegram asking for particulars, the following message was received by Gov. Harris: "Two thousand miners out of employment, one-half in need, 500 lost household goods. Clothing and provisions needed quickly." Adjt. Gen. Critchfield and Brig. Gen. Speaks, of the Ohio national guard, left last night for Glouster and will purchase supplies for the destitute.

The Reporter, Elyria, OH 16 Mar 1907


Columbus, O., March 18.---An appeal or relief for the flood sufferers at Chauncey was received Sunday by the governor. Chauncey is a small mining town a few miles below Glouster, which suffered severely from the recent flood. Many houses were inundated at Chauncey and many people lost all their possessions. The appeal was referred to the Columbus board of trade, which will send a carload of provisions to the distressed towns.

The Reporter, Elyria, OH 18 Mar 1907


Many Mines Idle.

Glouster, O., March 18.---The creeks and river are all falling their stores back into condition after worst flood ever known here. One of the blows of the flood which will be felt for some time is the fact that many mines will be compelled to remain idle for months.

Coshocton Daily Age, Coshocton, OH 17 Mar 1907