Zanesville, OH Flood, Mar 1907

Zanesville Asks for Aid.

Zanesville, Ohio, Mar. 4.----A general call for help for the flood sufferers was issued to-day by Mayor Deacon. It is believed that the flood record of 1898, when 1,500 families were driven from their homes, will be equaled, possibly surpassed, by tomorrow morning. Both rivers are rising two inches an hour. Three hundred families will be homeless here by tomorrow, as the crest of the flood will not be reached before that time, with the exception of the Cincinnati and Muskingum Valley Railroad's connection with the Pennsylvania at Trinway, sixteen miles north, every railroad entering the city is tied up.

The high waters have crossed West Main street to a depth of four feet, and interurban traffic from Columbus and Newark has been abandoned. The Southeastern Ohio interurban has suffered thousands of dollars' loss from washouts between here and Crooksville, and it will be a month before will traffic will be resumed.

Three Hungarians were drowned here as a result of the flood this morning. A score or more of foreign workmen were living in a house that was surrounded by the Muskingum River overflow during the night. When they started to wade to land three were caught in the current and swept out into the river.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 15 Mar 1907



Zanesville, O., March 16,---Somewhere between this point and New Orleans, two trunks laden with gold and currency are floating on the bosom of the flood. Three Hungarians who lost their lives Thursday made a desperate effort to freight the trunks to safety. One contained $5000, the other nearly $7000. The savings of a score of countrymen.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 16 Mar 1907



Zanesville, O., March 18---Walter Norman killed himself Sunday by cutting his throat with a razor. His home was in the eighth ward flood district and despondency over the loss suffered during the high water is the supposed cause.

The Newark Advocate, Newark, OH 16 Mar 1907