Cleveland, OH Scaffold Accident, Jun 1897


And Two Workmen Were Precipitated From a Scaffold Thirty feet to the Ground.

George Warsho and Andrew Potch fell from a scaffold while working on the cupola of the furnace at the Bessemer steel works yesterday afternoon and were both seriously injured.

One of the ropes attached to the scaffold broke, and the men fell a distance of thirty feet to the ground. Warsho received a server scalp wound besides many bruises about the body. Potch also received a serious scalp wound and his left ankle was sprained.

Both men were removed to St. Alexis hospital by the hospital ambulance. After their wounds had been dressed they were taken to their homes in the ambulance. The hospital physicians expressed the belief that neither was dangerously injured. Warsho is a married man, twenty-eight years old, and lives at No. 7 Way street. Potch is twenty-two years old and lives at No. 9 Way street.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 12 Jun 1897